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Visitor looking at ‘Wishing on a Star’ by Iriée Zamblé.


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Frans Hals Museum


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From Leyster to Israels and Toorop to Zamblé

The Frans Hals Museum is Haarlem’s museum of fine arts. You’ll find the largest collection of Frans Hals paintings in the world, as well as works by other famous artists from Haarlem including Judith Leyster, Cornelis van Haarlem and Jacob van Ruisdael. You’ll also discover an extensive collection of art from 1880 to the present day, including works by Isaac Israëls, Charley Toorop and Dana Lixenberg.

Come visit the Frans Hals Museum and go back in time to walk in the footsteps of Frans Hals. Three works by Frans Hals that were on temporary display at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, have recently returned to the Frans Hals Museum. Two of them are vivid and colourful group portraits of civic guards (schutterstukken) both called ‘Banquet of the Officers of the St George Civic Guard’ (1616 and 1627), and the other is the ‘Regentesses of the Old Men’s Alms House’ (1664).

Did you know he painted himself in one of his civic guard portraits? Stroll through Haarlem and discover the man behind the work!

‘We really enjoyed the collection, descriptions, interesting gallery layout and themes.’

Anoeska & Gerard (guestbook)


Groot Heiligland 62, Haarlem

Open Tuesday – Sunday
11 AM – 5 PM


Grote Markt 16, Haarlem

Temporary modern and contemporary art exhibition

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