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Frans Hals selfie: Frans Hals, ‘The Officers of the St George Militia Company’ (1639), Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem.

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Haarlem's famous painter

Come visit the Frans Hals Museum and go back in time to walk in the footsteps of Frans Hals. Stroll through Haarlem and discover the man behind the work! Did you know he painted himself in one of his civic guard portraits?

‘I haven’t had so much fun visiting a fine arts museum in a very long time. They’re creative in how they give you information on what Frans Hals and other artists did and how they did it. 100% recommended.’

Simon (Google review)

How many paintings will I see?

Frans Hals is one of the best-known and innovative 17th-century painters from the province of North Holland. He was the master of loose brushwork, which gives his portraits movement and brings his subjects to life. The Frans Hals Museum displays 12 of his paintings, which is the largest collection of his work in this world. We often have other work by Frans Hals on loan displayed alongside the civic guard portraits and his other portraits in our collection.

Frans Hals, ‘Meeting of the Officers and Sergeants of the Calivermen Civic Guard’ (1633), Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem.

‘I liked the museum. I found more information to use for my school essay on Frans Hals.’

– Hedwig, 9 years old

The Phenomenon

The lively portraits of real people that Frans Hals painted at speed have inspired other artists and visitors for centuries. Celebrated modern artists such as Manet and Van Gogh travelled to Haarlem to admire Hals’s portraits of the civic guard and regents (members of the ruling body of the Dutch Republic).

Want to know more about Frans Hals? Visit the Frans Hals Museum on Groot Heiligland to discover this artist’s phenomenal work. Watch a biography of Frans Hals. Spend 15 minutes getting to know Frans Hals before you discover his masterpieces.

‘A beautiful museum that displays both pre-modern and contemporary works of art. It isn't a big museum, but there’s more than enough to see. The film on Frans Hals was very interesting,’ – Barbera (TripAdvisor review)

Still from ‘The Hals Phenomenon’ at the Frans Hals Museum.


Groot Heiligland 62, Haarlem

Open Tuesday – Sunday
11 AM – 5 PM


Grote Markt 16, Haarlem

Temporary modern and contemporary art exhibition

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