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Primary school pupil painting at a Frans Hals Museum workshop

Paint like Frans Hals

Painting workshop with a brief guided tour


On request


Frans Hals Museum


€200 per workshop (max. 30 pupils, or €100 if max. 15 pupils)


Primary education, Secondary education

Practice your loose brushwork skills!

At the workshop, you’ll learn to paint like Haarlem’s renowned painter Frans Hals. He was famous in his day (and even now) for his loose brushwork. What’s so special about his style and how can you master loose brushwork?

The children start by taking a quick guided tour to look at museum masterpieces. They’ll observe Frans Hals’s style and that of other 17th-century master painters to discover how loose brushwork magically created life-like people on the canvas. Was it really magic? The children will find out at the museum workshop. Stand at an easel, pick up a brush and paint!

Time 90 minutes

Ties in with several Dutch primary school attainment targets for drawing (Tekenen, klassenuitje, excursie, kerndoelen: 54-55-56), also suitable as a class outing

Museum instructor addressing the participants of the Paint like Frans Hals workshop

Workshow reviews

"I thought at first that all you had to do was criss-cross the canvas with the brush. I soon learned that wasn’t the case. Frans Hals clearly thought about how he painted", Amalia, 10 years old.


Groot Heiligland 62, Haarlem

Open Tuesday – Sunday
11 AM – 5 PM


Grote Markt 16, Haarlem

Temporary modern and contemporary art exhibition

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